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WOW – What is this? I want to know more about Homeopathy!

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To me, homeopathy is WOW. When I first heard of it, 23 1/2 years ago, I thought, what is this. I wanted to know more. I read books, I took local classes, and then eventually enrolled in the program with The School of Homeopathy in Devon England. And then years later enrolled in the program with California Center for Homeopathic Education.


I had never been comfortable taking allopathic (western) medication. Perhaps, it was about putting something foreign in my body. It was almost an instinctive, gut feeling. Hearing about homeopathy, I wondered what it was. The more I read about it, the more I wanted to know more. And I thought it would help with the depressive feelings, thoughts and moods I experienced. And homeopathy has helped me.

So when I say that I am a homeopath, or say homeopathy to someone, I am thinking to myself that the other wowperson is going WOW too, and wanting to know more. But that doesn’t happen all that often. But it happens here on this blog, because you, who are reading these blog posts, DO want to know more. I thank you all for reading my blog posts.


Homeopathy promotes a wonderful healing. A healing of the whole person. It is wonderful for any age, but I especially feel it is wonderful for children, my soft spot. Often, when a child comes to see me for homeopathy, I feel they are at a crossroad –  one way down is the road of western medication, which I always think once you start down that road, where does that lead to, to more western medication, because no healing is happening.  You are no where. And why start a child on medication if it is not going to heal? The other road is homeopathy. (Please know, that western medicine does some wonderful healing, and has its place in our health care.) To me, then it is a wonderful opportunity for the child’s health and his future health to do homeopathy. This applies to an adult as well.

The healing is of the whole person. What brought the person in, their main complaint of what is bothering them, is better, and they also experience a general sense of well being and health. With this, the person can live fully, enjoy life, and be fully who they are.

So wouldn’t you say that homeopathy is WOW too?

Please contact me here through this blog or through my website http://www.homeopathytoheal.com if you would like to know more on how homeopathy can help you, or a family member. I offer a 15+ minute complimentary Get Acquainted Phone Call. And see how homeopathy can be WOW for you.



Author: Pamela Hird Klein, PDHom(UK)

I am a classical homeopath. I attended The School of Homeopathy in Devon, England and the California Center for Homeopathic Education in San Diego, California. The latter program focused on the Sensation Method. In my practice, I see babies through older adults, for all kinds of health concerns, ranging from skin eruptions, asthma, women's issues, insomnia, sinus issues, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue and more. www.homeopathytoheal.com

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