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Never Well Since: Life Is different Than What We Had Thought It Would Be – Homeopahty Heals

To continue with the idea of Never Well Since, I want to talk about if one’s life is not the way one thought it was going to be like.

For example, a woman who has devoted most of her adult life to raising her children, does not have very marketable skills, goes through a divorce or her spouse dies. Her life has changed. It has changed from what she thought it would be. Some of her present responses may even be reminiscent to how she responded to things when she was younger, single, and did not have children. It is as if she is back there, again. And her responses are the same.  The divorce is a trauma in her life.  Not the way we thought our life would be, could be a trauma. (This could apply to men too.)


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I know this doesn’t seem to relate to homeopathy, but it is how we respond to the events in our life that does make this post relate to homeopathy. Life will happen no matter what we do.  We make choices that seem to be the best at that time. And we may look back and think, that wasn’t a good choice, or I am repeating the same pattern that I always do. It doesn’t matter it if was the right or wrong choice; that time is over. But we get stuck in this same thinking.  The stuckness or suffering could be manifested in very negative and non- supportive thoughts, physical symptoms, emotional seesawing, difficulty concentrating, difficulty sleeping, digestive issues, not able to make a decision, and more.

We cannot change our decisions or what has happened, but we can change or shift how we look at these things. respond to it, and then take action or not take action. At this time, we are coming from a pro active place, not a reactive one. Given the homeopathic remedy that is most similar to how we are experiencing our suffering, we then start to look at our life, at ourselves from a different viewpoint and are able to move away and out of where we are stuck. Also, any physical, emotional, or mental symptoms will also ease.

The healing with homeopathy is not going to change our life situation, but it will change how we perceive ourselves, and therefore our life. Maybe , we will pursue a different career or interest, move to a different location, or travel. When we are in a more healthy state, we become more of who we are, not of what we think we should be.  This is a healing, a healing with homeopathy.