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Ledum – A Homeopathic Remedy Helpful For Puncture Wounds

Learning about how to take care of ourselves is always good. And learning how to use homeopathy to take care of ourselves, is even better.

Ledum Palustre

I want to tell you about the homeopathic remedy ledum plantLedum palustre (Ledum) in its use for puncture wounds. Ledum is made from the Marsh Tea plant. It is useful for other health concerns in addition to puncture wounds, but I am only going to address its use for puncture wounds today.

A puncture wound occurs from sharp pointed objects such as nails, injections, and splinters. (Some examples of injections are an IV, an immunization, an injection given when having dental work, and when giving blood.) Also, a puncture wound can occur from an insect sting, especially from mosquitoes and bees, an animal bite (puncture from the teeth), and scratches. Ledum helps ease the redness, swelling, stinging, and pricking pains that someone may experience from the insect bite, sting, or puncture wound. The pains may extend upward.

ledum vialCold applications help to ease and to relieve the discomfort and pains of the wound. The area feels cold, internally and possibly externally to the touch. It may seem odd that cold applications would help relieve the pain, since the area feels cold. This sensitivity about coldness is very characteristic of Ledum. In homeopathy, we call it a keynote. This coldness aspect helps to differentiate Ledum from the homeopathic remedy Apis, which is also helpful for insect bites. With Apis the area feels very hot.

If Ledum is used immediately after a puncture wound, tetanus can be prevented.

The person feels worse with warm applications, the heat of the bed, and at night. And is better with cold applications and cold bathing.

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