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I Can’t Sleep

Sleep is very important to our health. It is a time of healing. We need to shut down, and allow our body, mind, spirit, and soul to rest and to rejuvenate.

I Can’t Sleep

We hear of many people having sleeping difficulties. Many different aids are used to help with sleep, and some are very helpful – positive thinking, hypnotherapy, a hot bath, a quiet/dark/cool room, sex, a feeling of intimacy, herbal treatments, vitamin supplements, sleeping cartoontalking to someone, and doing physical work or exercise during the day. Some people may take over the counter medications and/or prescription medications.

In my homeopathic practice, people often come for a particular reason, a particular health concern. As they are talking about what bothers them, they sometimes mention that they don’t sleep well. This is a piece of the puzzle, of the whole. Some of what they mention:

  • difficulty falling asleep
  • falling asleep but then waking at a certain time and not able to go back to sleep
  • waking too early in the morning
  • not able to quiet their minds
  • restlessness
  • having bad dreams
  • waking often
  • overstimulated and overexcited
  • experiencing pain
  • sensitivity to the environment – noise, light, room temperature, clothing
  • internal temperature fluctuation – hot flashes

Five People

These five people came for homeopathic care, part of what bothered them was difficulty sleeping.

  • One woman often has difficulty sleeping. She experiences this during stressful times and in various ways. One way is not being able to fall asleep at the start of the night. She feels tension and heaviness in her body. It is as if, she says, I am not allowing myself to relax and sleep. This feeling gets worse as the night goes on. Other times, she falls asleep easily but wakes and is not able to fall back to sleep for awhile. She says, her mind goes and goes, filled  with thoughts of what happened during the day. Sometimes she feels very angry.
  • A boy has difficulty falling asleep. He may not get to sleep until 12 – 1 pm at night. Once he is asleep, he sleeps through the night, and it is difficult to wake him in the morning. He feels quite tired during the day. He is concerned about how others perceive him. Did he give the right answer in class? What will others think of him if he does give the wrong answer?
  • A teenager is a very light sleeper. He needs to have the room quiet and peaceful, with no disturbances. Snoring bothers him a lot. He prefers to sleep at home, where he knows it will be quiet and he won’t be disturbed. Being home and with his family is very important to him. It is difficult for him when he goes on trips, and is away from home.
  • A woman wakes often during the night. It is as if, she says, I am just taking naps during the night. She also is starting to experience night sweats, and her menstrual cycle is changing.
  • A young woman cannot fall asleep. This happens especially around exam time at the end of a school semester, or when there is something stressful going on in her life. She says too, that she thought she could nap the next day, but is unable to. Her mind keeps going; she is consistently analyzing her feelings and thoughts. Which path should I take? What should I do?

You can see that each person was different. It is always finding out about the person and how they experience what bothers them. Each of these five people needed a different homeopathic remedy; one that fit them. As they healed, what brought the person in for homeopathic care was better, and their sleeping improved. Everything is all connected.


Getting a good night’s sleep is important to our health and to our well being. Having a bad night’s sleep occasionally happens. When we start having consistently bad nights, then we want help. As I wrote above, there are a lot of aids people use to help with sleeping. I invite you to see how homeopathy can be of help to you.

I would be happy to talk with you about your health concerns and how homeopathy can be of help. You can contact me here on my blog or through my website www.homeopathytoheal.com.






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When A Child Is Having Difficulty Sleeping – Homeopathy Heals

teddy-bear-567952_640A friend of mine who works with children, and adults, as a vision therapist, told me recently that a lot of the children have been saying to her that they don’t sleep well. This was curious to me. Sleep is so very important. It is the time that we reset ourselves – our bodies, our minds, our emotions, and our spirits. It is a time of healing. To not sleep well, to me, means there is something that is blocking that innate ability to just slow down, turn off, feel and be safe, and sleep. There is some uproar, some imbalance, some disturbance within the child that prevents them to get the rest that they need.

Is Your Child Having Difficulty Sleeping?                                                                   

How is your child’s sleep?

  • difficulty falling asleep
  • waking frequently
  • waking early and not able to go back to sleep
  • having nightmares – certain images come up
  • not wanting to sleep alone (this may not be a problem)
  • checking in with parents frequently during the night
  • light sleeper, when previously they were a not as sensitive to their environment
  • heavy sleeper – difficulty waking
  • changes in sleep habits and behaviors
  • self comforting behaviors
  • feeling anxious
  • feeling fearful
  • restlessness
  • emotional upsets – crying, tantrums, angry outbursts, stubbornness, sadness
  • a physical ailment that is keeping them from getting a good night’s sleep – chronic ear infections, stomachaches, headaches, eczema, allergies, asthma, coughs, colds, fevers
  • a change in the environment: a new sibling, a move, a parent being away for a length of time, a death, a divorce

Two Children

I want to tell you about two children I have seen over the years in my practice who had sleeping difficulties. The difficulty sleeping was part of what brought each child to homeopathy along with other concerns. The sleeping difficulty was a part of the whole picture of the child. By really seeing what was bothering the child, a homeopathic remedy was given that fit the child. It wasn’t a remedy for the sleeping difficulty, but a remedy for the child. Each was given a different homeopathic remedy. They both did well.

The first patient was a young girl who experienced a lot of nightmares at night. She also had difficulty falling asleep, and would wake up early. She wasn’t getting a full night’s sleep and didn’t feel rested during the day. This affected how she interacted with her family, and just how she was during the day. She was not always easy to be around. With the homeopathic remedy that was similar to her, she started to sleep better. The nightmares were much less, occurring rarely. She was easier to be around during the day. And when the sleeping became difficult again, that was a sign that she needed another dose of the remedy. I actually have not seen her for about year. I am thinking she is doing well.

The other patient was a young boy. He would go to bed at night, and during the first few hours, he would be up asking his mother when was his father coming home, if his father was away or working late. And if he heard any noises in the house, he would get up and ask his mother what are those noises? And maybe there is a burglar in the house? He would do this several times during the evening. With the homeopathic remedy that fit him, he no longer needed to check in with his mother when he went to bed at night. He was able to go to bed, fall asleep, and sleep through the night.

Healing With Homeopathy

I would be happy to talk with you on how homeopathy could be of help for your child, if they are experiencing a sleeping issue. Please know too, that if you as an adult having sleeping difficulties, homeopathy would be helpful for you too. Either contact me here on this blog, or through my website www.homeopathytoheal.com  I have a 15+ minute complimentary Get Acquainted Phone Call.