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More Coronavirus 7 – Loss and Change and Helping Yourself

We are living in uncertain times. Life is often uncertain anyway. With the added component of the coronavirus, people are feeling more unsure and uncertain. Many people are experiencing losses and changes. A loss and change are often intertwined with each other.

Losses can be of a loved one passing away from the virus, or from another health condition. Of not being able to see people that we love. Not able to do activities or go to places that we love, like school. Wondering if there will be enough money, work, or food? Paying bills?

Changes. What is going to happen? School for children and college or any aged student. Where can I shop? How can I shop? Can I do my usual activities, like getting a haircut, going to the doctor, getting a cup of coffee, taking my yoga class, going for a walk? Even using different brands of products, like toilet paper. Changes.

We are doing the best we can. Being loving and kind to ourselves and to others. Taking pleasure in small things, they are really not small. Listening to ourselves. Taking care of ourselves and our community.

My enthusiasm, my WOW, for homeopathy is even more so. I feel, even at these times of uncertainties, loss, changes, and illness, that homeopathy has such a potential to help people. I have written this before, but I say it again.

Over the last 4 months I have watched/listened to many webinars on the use of homeopathy for those who have contracted the coronavirus. These webinars are given by different homeopaths from all over the world. Homeopathy can be very helpful if someone has come down with the virus, the after effects of the virus, and even the anticipation that someone may get sick.

I have also enrolled in a webinar series on the use of Homeopathy in AIDS patients in Africa. The series is taught by Jeremy Sherr, a homeopath who has clinics in Africa. Homeopathy has been extremely helpful for AIDS patients in Africa. Often, the antiviral medications used for these patients starts to no longer work as well. Homeopathy is used alongside the antiviral medications, and is very helpful, enabling people to have more energy and strength so they can go back to work and support themselves and their families.

And as I have often listed in my posts, homeopathy is helpful for many of the health concerns people of all ages experience today. Why not see how homeopathy can be of help to you, and/or a loved one?

You can contact me here through this post, or through my website www.homeopathytoheal.com. I look forward to talking with you.