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Caregivers: They Also Need Care And Help – Homeopathy Heals

A mother of a patient of mine, asked me about her grandmother, who is taking care of her husband, the grandfather, almost solely. She does have help during the day, but she is the sole person at night. She is anxious and has had a stiff neck. She caregiver 2is in her late 80’s, and is an independent type of person, although her husband has taken care of a lot of things during their marriage, she now needs to take care of more things than she has in the past. My patient (I will call her this) was asking if homeopathy could be of help for her grandmother.

My usual response is yes, come in and let’s see what is bothering you. Unfortunately for this grandmother, it is not feasible for her to come in to see me at this time.

Helping The Situation

As a possibility for help, my patient has picked up an over the counter combination homeopathic remedy. I think it is Calms. It contains very low potencies of five to six different homeopathic remedies. It seems to be helping, somewhat. This is not what I use, or how I work. This may help to a certain level, palliating and easing for a period of time, but not healing deeply.

I would say that in our lives we go through stressful situations. Taking care of a loved one who is sick or less able to care for themselves, can be very taxing to the caregiver. In these kinds of situations, there are some things that won’t change, but the way we look at the situation may change, the way we respond to the situation may change, and the way we accept the situation may change. Homeopathy helps with this. Yes, the Calms tablets are helping this grandmother, but the homeopathic remedy that is similar to what she is experiencing and responding to would be better.

We Do The Best We Can

Most of us do the best that we can, with what we have. I like to be positive. We may be stuck in fear, stuck in concerns about finances, or stuck in a relationship that isn’t positive or supporting. I think we do the best we can with what we have. The homeopathic remedy doesn’t change the situation, but it changes or shifts us within, helping us on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We then can do what we need to do. In this situation, with the grandmother taking care of herself, she is also taking care of her husband.

The grandmother has support from her granddaughter, my patient. For caregivers, having someone to talk to, having someone who listens and gives space, going out and doing activities they enjoy, and having someone relieve them from time to time are all important.

My hope is that this grandmother does do well with the over the counter homeopathic combination, and possibly decides to see me, or another homeopath. I find that when I meet with patients, in addition to understanding their suffering and giving them the homeopathic remedy that is similar to them and is healing, that I am there as a support person, as an educator, as a resource, and as a sounding board.

It is a cliché, but true, to take care of someone else, one’s needs to take care of one’s self, first and always. The example we hear so much is that of a parent needing to put on their own oxygen mask first, and then put an oxygen mask on their child. This grandmother taking care of herself will benefit the care of her husband.

Let’s Talk

I would be happy to talk with anyone who is a caregiver, for a child, a spouse/partner, a loved friend or family member, and is feeling that they need to take care of themselves too. I have a 15+ minute complimentary Get Acquainted Call. Please contact me here or through my website www.homeopathytoheal.com   


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When A Child Is Having Difficulty Sleeping – Homeopathy Heals

teddy-bear-567952_640A friend of mine who works with children, and adults, as a vision therapist, told me recently that a lot of the children have been saying to her that they don’t sleep well. This was curious to me. Sleep is so very important. It is the time that we reset ourselves – our bodies, our minds, our emotions, and our spirits. It is a time of healing. To not sleep well, to me, means there is something that is blocking that innate ability to just slow down, turn off, feel and be safe, and sleep. There is some uproar, some imbalance, some disturbance within the child that prevents them to get the rest that they need.

Is Your Child Having Difficulty Sleeping?                                                                   

How is your child’s sleep?

  • difficulty falling asleep
  • waking frequently
  • waking early and not able to go back to sleep
  • having nightmares – certain images come up
  • not wanting to sleep alone (this may not be a problem)
  • checking in with parents frequently during the night
  • light sleeper, when previously they were a not as sensitive to their environment
  • heavy sleeper – difficulty waking
  • changes in sleep habits and behaviors
  • self comforting behaviors
  • feeling anxious
  • feeling fearful
  • restlessness
  • emotional upsets – crying, tantrums, angry outbursts, stubbornness, sadness
  • a physical ailment that is keeping them from getting a good night’s sleep – chronic ear infections, stomachaches, headaches, eczema, allergies, asthma, coughs, colds, fevers
  • a change in the environment: a new sibling, a move, a parent being away for a length of time, a death, a divorce

Two Children

I want to tell you about two children I have seen over the years in my practice who had sleeping difficulties. The difficulty sleeping was part of what brought each child to homeopathy along with other concerns. The sleeping difficulty was a part of the whole picture of the child. By really seeing what was bothering the child, a homeopathic remedy was given that fit the child. It wasn’t a remedy for the sleeping difficulty, but a remedy for the child. Each was given a different homeopathic remedy. They both did well.

The first patient was a young girl who experienced a lot of nightmares at night. She also had difficulty falling asleep, and would wake up early. She wasn’t getting a full night’s sleep and didn’t feel rested during the day. This affected how she interacted with her family, and just how she was during the day. She was not always easy to be around. With the homeopathic remedy that was similar to her, she started to sleep better. The nightmares were much less, occurring rarely. She was easier to be around during the day. And when the sleeping became difficult again, that was a sign that she needed another dose of the remedy. I actually have not seen her for about year. I am thinking she is doing well.

The other patient was a young boy. He would go to bed at night, and during the first few hours, he would be up asking his mother when was his father coming home, if his father was away or working late. And if he heard any noises in the house, he would get up and ask his mother what are those noises? And maybe there is a burglar in the house? He would do this several times during the evening. With the homeopathic remedy that fit him, he no longer needed to check in with his mother when he went to bed at night. He was able to go to bed, fall asleep, and sleep through the night.

Healing With Homeopathy

I would be happy to talk with you on how homeopathy could be of help for your child, if they are experiencing a sleeping issue. Please know too, that if you as an adult having sleeping difficulties, homeopathy would be helpful for you too. Either contact me here on this blog, or through my website www.homeopathytoheal.com  I have a 15+ minute complimentary Get Acquainted Phone Call.

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Adults Wanting Help With “ADHD” – Homeopathy Heals

Recently, a woman asked me if homeopathy can help someone who has ADHD.  I said yes, and asked who she was talking about. She said it scatteredwas for herself, and that for most of her life she has had difficulty focusing on things that she needed to do, being easily distracted by the other things that needed to be done. She made an arm gesture, moving her arm from one side, to the other side.

We hear of ADHD in relation to children, but there are adults who say that they have ADHD. Some of them have been on medication for many years. I met a man in his late 20’s, who had been on ADHD medication since college, and was gradually weaning off of the medication. I believe he was under the supervision of his physician. People often don’t like the side effects they are experiencing from the medication.

I have written several blogs on ADHD and homeopathy. You can read them here.  Healing ADD/ADHD With Homeopathy  and  More About ADD/ADHD – that ADHD is not a disease

Always The Individual

It always gets back to the individual. It is what bothers the person, and if that affects their life in a way that makes things difficult or limits them, then they may want help. For some, it is just fine. As one woman said to me, she liked it, and wouldn’t change anything. Other times, there are things that bother a person so much that they want help. Perhaps the woman who spoke to me recently feels this way.

When someone comes for homeopathic treatment, the homeopath is always finding out about this person, and how they experience what bothers them, and then giving the homeopathic remedy that is similar to them. Like Cures Like. The remedy is not for the ADHD; it is a remedy for the person.

Over the years, I have seen several adults in my practice who have said that they have ADHD. They talked about feeling very scattered, and not being able to stay focused on the task they were doing at the time. There was more to their case than I am writing here. They did well with the homeopathic remedy that was similar to them.

Healing With Homeopathy

If you feel that some “ADHD” type of symptoms are affecting you, then let’s talk to see how homeopathy can be of help. Either contact me here on this blog, or through my website www.homeopathytoheal.com  I have a 15+ minute complimentary Get Acquainted Phone Call.


When Someone Is Not Well After Having The Flu – Homeopthy Heals

still sickI know the flu season is technically over for this year. Sometimes, someone has had the flu, and has moved through it fairly well, but there may be some symptoms that linger, and this may continue for a period of time. The person may still be experiencing a lot of weakness, have difficulty breathing, running a low grade fever, feeling achy, and just not feeling well. This state may not be all the time. It may be at certain times of the day, such as at the end of the day. The person is just not feeling well, and are not back to the way they were feeling before they had had the flu.

 Patient Of Mine

A patient I have seen for many years called me. She was not feeling well and had the flu. This was 4 – 6 weeks ago. I had her take the homeopathic remedy that she has been using, and it helped with the flu. About 2 weeks ago, she called and said that although the flu was gone, she still was not feeling back to herself. I had her take another dose of the remedy, but this time it didn’t help. She came in for a consultation, and I took her case to find out more about how, and what she was feeling and experiencing at this time. A different remedy was needed. She was having episodes, she would say, of needing to lay down because she was feeling very weak, and having a difficult time breathing, of taking deep breaths. She was worried about what was happening to her. She felt anxious, almost like a panic attack, but not so, she said These episodes would come on very suddenly, and she needed to go lay down when they came on. They lasted for awhile. This happened at any time of the day. And often when she did too much, so she was limiting her daily activities.

I have not gone into complete detail about her case. It was slightly different from what she had been experiencing before, so I gave her a different homeopathic remedy than the one she had been taking, Actually, it was in the same family as the one she had been taking before. This new remedy helped her, and she started to feel better.

Never Been Well Since

This is an example of never been well since. Someone has been ill, as with the flu, or there has been a trauma, or a fall, or an emotional upset, and they haven’t been better since then.

As a coincidence, I was talking to a woman this week at a meeting. She remarked during our conversation that she had been sick, and then was better, But the last three weeks she hadn’t felt well. I wondered if there has been a lingering of the flu, or something else had happened in her life, and there was a lingering from that. Perhaps, she too was experiencing a never been well since.

Always Treating The Person

Whatever the situation is, the focus is always on the person, the individual person. It is not treating the disease, which is really just a name or a label. It is always treating the person, finding out what is bothering them and how they experience it.


If you, or someone you know, has not been well since having the flu, homeopathy can be helpful and healing. I would be happy to talk to you. I offer a Get Acquainted Phone call. Either contact me here, by leaving a comment, or through my website www.homeopathytoheal.com,

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More About People Suffering With Digestive Issues – Homeopathy Heals

Several days ago, I spoke to a woman about her friend. Her friend has had digestive issues for many yeas, specifically bowel issues, He has been hospitalized several times, and at one point there was a possibility of removing part of his colon. I am wondering if the diagnosis was Crohn’s Disease. I have not spoken to her friend, yet. I don’t know much about him, but limitationsit sounds as if he has, and is, suffering greatly from this condition. Suffering with pain, discomfort, and weakness. Experiencing a lot of limitations in his life in terms of what he can do and not do. And I think he may be in his 20’s.

I have written posts about digestive issues. I wanted to add to what I had written before. There can be gradations of this kinds of issues. Not to lessen any of them, and how it affects each person, but some of these conditions can be life threatening and/or take over someone’s life.

Treatment With Western Medicine

In terms of treatment, most of the people who are experiencing these digestive issues may be taking some form of medication, or supplements, or perhaps on a particular diet. They may also be doing meditation and practicing mindfulness. The diet may be helping. The supplements may be helping, but the person may have difficulty digesting and assimilating the supplements. The medications may be alleviating the discomfort and the symptoms, for a period of time, but not healing or really making the situation or condition better. And I would think that the meditation and mindfulness is helpful. But yet, the person is not doing better. I want to say, homeopathy would greatly help and heal.

Treatment With Homeopathy

Homeopathy heals health issues that western medicine really does not know what or how to handle. With this man, for example, he has had a lot of treatments, and is not doing better. When coming to homeopathy, the specificness about HIS someone freedigestive and bowel issues are observed, heard, and understood in depth – how HE is experiencing the symptoms, what HIS dreams are like, HIS fears, the sensations HE may experience, HIS dislikes and likes, and more. With all of this, a homeopathic remedy is chosen that fits the totality of HIM. This homeopathic remedy will help him heal. The digestive and bowel issues will be better, as well as he will be eating better, sleeping better, living a life in which he can develop and fulfill his potential and interests, being more engaged in life, and happier.

For someone as young as this man, or for anyone, it is good to know that there are other choices of healing modalities for one’s health care. If you or a loved one is suffering with digestive issues, contact me to see how homeopathy could be healing for you. Either leave a comment here, or visit my website. www.homeopathytoheal.com I have a 15+ minute complimentary Get Acquainted Phone Call. I would be happy to talk with you. And I do work with patients via Skype, who are not local.