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Treating The Child With Homeopathy Is Treating The Family

I have a soft spot for children. I feel that homeopathy can help children immensely, whether for physical ailments or behavioral issues.  And when I see a child as a patient, I know that the family will be helped as well. The child is doing better, then the family is doing better. In a way, by treating the child, the whole family is also being treated.

Often, there is a child in the family that is having difficulties. So much of the parent’s and other family member’s time and energy are directed to this child. It could be to help the child with their physical complaint; to prepare a particular diet; to handle behavioral issues and responses; to monitor their environment; and/or to monitor the other family members behaviors and responses. This all takes away from the other children in the family, from the child involved because they are being handled almost with “kid gloves”, and from the parents themselves, as individuals, and as a couple. Everything, and everyone is focused on this child.

A Family Heals

With a healing, the child is doing better, and there doesn’t need to be so much focus on them.  There maybe another paper dolls familymember of the  family, in which attention can now be placed. This member may have been very quiet about their needs, been in the background because there was not enough resources, time, or energy  for them. They needed to not “rock the boat”, not “make waves”. Now, their needs can be met.  This member could be another child or one or both of the parents.  There is more – time, energy, space, love – for each member of the family.  A family heals.

Healing With Homeopathy

Homeopathy does this so well – the healing of the child, and the healing of the family.  (The initial member of the family that is helped first could be any member, not just a child, and with their healing the family unit is also healing.)

In my homeopathic practice, I have seen children for various health concerns. Some of these concerns are: hyperactivity, difficulty sleeping, grouchiness, defiant responses, asthmatic symptoms, persistent coughs, bed wetting, fears, nightmares, nose bleeds, eczema, chronic stomach aches, and menstrual difficulties (teenage girls). With the child’s healing, the parents, and the whole family are doing better.

To read more about children’s health concerns, click on my blog post Children Who Are Having Difficulties – Homeopathy HealsYou will find the post under Recent Posts in the upper right column.

Contact me to see how homeopathy can be of help for your family. Either leave a comment here, or contact me through my website http://www.homeopathytoheal.com  I have a soft spot for children, and for their families.


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Listening, Witnessing, Giving Space – Homeopathy Does This Well

Over the last few weeks, I have “liked” and “shared” two quotations on my Classical Homeopathy Facebook Page. Some of you may have read them. I am including them here, along with Aphorism #84 from the Organon of the Medical Art by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, edited and annotated by Wenda Brewster O’Reilly, PhD. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann developed homeopathy.

The topic of the quotations is about listening, being with someone when they are suffering, giving them a place, that space the letters i and uis safe, sacred even, to show and to tell what their suffering is. It is with no judgment, no advice, no        , just there and is.

This is one of the things that homeopathy does so well. Giving space.

I found this image on Google Images. I had been looking for a while. I liked this one, it made me laugh. I hope that you find it amusing and right on.


We all need a sacred Witness in life, a person who can listen without judgment while knowing the right questions to ask that continually illuminate our path.

~ Caroline Myss

When someone is going through a storm, your silent presence is more powerful than a million, empty words.

~? Reba McEntire (To be honest, I don’t know if this is from her or not.)

The patient complains of the process of his ailments. The patient’s relations tell what he has complained of, his behavior and what they have perceived about him. The physician sees, hears and notices through the remaining senses what is altered or unusual about the patient. he writes everything down with the very same expressions used by the patient and his relations. The physician keeps silent, allowing them to say all they have to say without interruption, unless they stray off to side issues. Only let the physician admonish them to speak slowly right at the outset so that, in writing down what is necessary, he can follow the speaker.

~ Dr. Samuel Hahnemann,  Aphorism #84

Giving Space

When seeing a homeopath, as described in Aphorism #84, the homeopath is there to see, to hear and to notice what the patient’s suffering is. The suffering can be any physical ailment, any emotional upset and distress, any mental disfunctioning, and any spiritual questioning.  Space is there, to see what this suffering is like for the person.

If you, or a loved one, is suffering, it may be time to see how homeopathy can be healing for you. I would be happy to talk with you. I have a 15 minute complimentary phone consultation. You can contact me either through the comments here on this blog, or through my website http://www.homeopathytoheal.com

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Children Who Are Having Difficulties – Homeopathy Heals

The other week, I was attending a meeting in which I was introducing myself and saying a little bit about homeopathy. I was specifically talking about a patient of mine, a young boy. I prefaced what I was saying about him, with the statement that it is not that children are difficult, but that children have difficulties.

Children Who Are Having Difficulties, NOT Difficult Children

A child is having difficulties, and from this, there may be behaviors or responses or reactions or symptoms unhappy-boy2-6525479that the adults around the child find difficult.  So we say the child is difficult.  The child is having difficulties. Something is bothering the child, and it is manifested in symptoms and behaviors that others may find difficult.

Somethings that could be bothering a child:

  • An inner struggle
  • Difficulty in vision, hearing, processing information, paying attention
  • Environmental factors – exposure to toxins, not enough food, reaction to foods, poor environment, abuse
  • Relationships – abuse (I know I have written this twice), family discord, parental problems, family dynamics, siblings, friends
  • A physical ailment, injury

Ways in which a child may manifest what is bothering them:

  • Anger, acting out, tantrums
  • Fears, terrors, anxiousness
  • Sadness, withdrawal, depression
  • Difficulty in friendships and relationships
  • Bed wetting, frequent urination, UTI’s
  • Oppositional behavior
  • Frequent colds, sore throats, stomachaches, headaches, persistent or nervous coughs
  • Rashes
  • Allergies
  • Respiratory symptoms – asthma
  • Difficulty concentrating and focusing
  • Sleeping problems, nightmares, sleep walking
  • Digestive issue – constipation, diarrhea

The symptoms are signs that something is not right, off balance.  The healing needs to address what is bothering the child. Sometimes, it is just changing the environment, and then the “difficulty” is better.

A Boy With A Persistent Cough

Years ago, I saw a young boy for a recurring cough. The cough actually bothered the mother more than it bothered the boy.  With talking and listening to the boy, I understood that what bothered him the most was that his younger sister was the boss of him. He was older, taller, yet he felt that she was the boss of him.  Unfortunately, his mother did not bring the boy back for a follow up appointment, but I found out through a friend of the family that the cough had subsided. My guess was that the boy also was feeling better about himself, and didn’t feel that his sister was the boss.

A Healing With Homeopathy

Homeopathy addresses the whole person. With this boy, the cough in a way was showing that here was something off within him. He had a sensitivity to someone else being smaller than him, who was bossy to him, even though he was bigger and older. That sounds simple, but there is more to it. His mother saw the difficultly as being the cough. The boy was having difficulties, the cough showed it, but there was more to it. And this sensitivity in relationship to his sister was probably experienced in other places, and with other people, possibly at school.

Is there a child you know who is having difficulties?

I am always happy to talk to people on how homeopathy can be helpful for them, and in this case extremely helpful for a child who is having difficulties. Either leave a comment below or contact me through my website, http://www.homeopathytoheal.com  I offer a 15 complimentary phone consultation.





Depression – Homeopathy Loosens Its Grip

I want to share this video with you. I have seen it awhile ago, and recently came across it and viewed it again. It is of a young woman, Sabrina Benaim, reciting a poem she has written describing how she experiences depression.  The poem is titled Explaining My Depression To My Mother, A Conversation. The video is about 3:29 minutes long. It is very powerful.

Depression often takes over, and one feels that that is who they are – nothing else. Sabrina Benaim describes it well. And one feels that they can not get out of it, the depression, as if it has a hold on them. Depression is something that just comes over one, and it is there.                                                                                                      depression

These are some of the lines from the poem:

  •  (depression) is a “shape shifter”, “it is a bear”.
  • “…anxiety is the cousin from out of town that depression thought to bring to the party. I am the party.”
  • “I am afraid of living.””Mom still doesn’t understand. Mom can’t you see, neither can I?”
  • When describing difficulty sleeping, she says “insomnia sweeps me up in his arms”.

Here is the link to the video.  Sabrina Benaim may have performed her poem through button poetry. And it is included in the online magazine everyday feminism. I want to thank Sabrina Benaim for being brave and courageous in sharing how depression is for her in this poem.


Homeopathy Helps The Person Who Experiences Depression

Homeopathy is very helpful for people who suffer with depression. A patient of mine, a woman who has suffered from depression for most of her adult life, has done well with homeopathy. With the start of homeopathic treatment, the periods and length of time experiencing depressive thoughts, and just being in it, have become less and less. And there are more days in which she is feeling good. In fact, she has said I have had some really good days. Good is expressed as being more open to life, sharing herself with others, saying who she is, being more connected with herself, and others. (This is her language, how she describes what is better and how it feels, just like Sabrina Benaim has her language to describe her depression.) Sleep is also better. She is also more confident and clear in her work.  And she remarked that a very good friend of hers has commented that there is a different quality to her voice – a strength, a more self assuredness – even when she is feeling low.

In her particular case, a sign that she needs another dose of the homeopathic remedy, the homeopathic remedy that is similar to her, is when she experiences the fleeting thought of stabbing herself in her chest and abdomen area. She has never stabbed or cut herself. But when she is feeling very, very depressed, she has shared with me during the homeopathic consultation, that she has fleeting thoughts of stabbing herself.

Homeopathy Sees Each Person As An Individual

we are all different pencilsWith homeopathy, it is finding out how the depression is for the individual person. The homeopathic remedy that has helped the woman I wrote about, would most likely not be helpful for another person who experiences depression. There are general experiences and symptoms that most people who experience depression have, but underneath, at the core, each person experiences their depression uniquely to them. The language that they use to describe it, is unique to them as well. In the homeopathic consultation, the homeopath wants to know how and what the suffering is like for each person, listening, and observing. A homeopathic remedy is given that is similar to this suffering, and then healing process starts.


I would be happy to talk further about how homeopathy can be of help for someone who experiences depression. I see people of all ages. Depression may be experienced differently in children than in adults. Either leave a comment below or contact me through my website, http://www.homeopathytoheal.com  I offer a 15 complimentary phone consultation.