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Two Patients – Healing Layers

Very often, there are layers to a patient’s case. Layers are states of health, that they are experiencing, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. It can be in the present or in the past. Past can be hereditary or family tendencies towards illnesses or functioning of certain organs in the body. It can also be medications or treatments that someone has be used.  sand-spiral

When I see a patient, we always start where they are. That is the first layer. Sometimes there are more than one layer that is showing up at the beginning. We may address one layer at a time, or several layers using the homeopathic remedies that are needed to help heal, and that address this individual person.

Homeopathy is a form of medicine that someone can use for many years. It helps with many different health issues: acute issues, chronic issues, present health issues and issues that were experienced in the past.

I am finding in many of my patients, that there are layers. I want to share two patients with you.

A Woman

The first patient is a woman who I have worked with for several years. Homeopathy has helped her a lot.  About 10 months ago, she started to experience a heart arrhythmia. There was a fast rhythm, a fluttering in her chest, and a rapid heart beat. She went to her doctor and was having all of this monitored. I met with her, took her case, finding out what and how she experienced this. I suggested a homeopathic remedy. The heart arrhythmia was better. A rash that she had experienced years ago, erupted on her lips and mouth. It was very uncomfortable, oozing and crusting over. It was worse when she ate spicy food. It was painful and itchy. She started to use a topical cream that was very harsh and suppressive, which did help to clear up the rash. When the rash was better, the heart arrhythmia was worse. The cream wasn’t really healing, it was suppressing. We gave another dose of homeopathic remedy. Again the heart was better, and the rash came back.

The rash was a return. We used a homeopathic remedy for the rash, which didn’t help that much. A second homeopathic remedy helped. Also, I suggested that she start to decrease the quantity of the harsh cream she was using, mixing it with a more nourishing, non suppressive cream, such as a Borage cream. This helped.

Over several months she needed the homeopathic remedies that helped with the heart arrhythmia and helped with her rash. We also used a homeopathic remedy that addressed the possibility that the heart arrhythmia may have been a reaction to the coronavirus vaccine. In addition to her physical symptoms, she was going through a very emotional situation in her family. There was not a set schedule of when to use the homeopathic remedies; it was when they were needed.

When I spoke to her recently, she said everything is doing well, the heart arrhythmia and rash are better and gone. She attributes her healing to homeopathy, and to the other hearing treatments she uses,  osteopathic and chiropractic medicine.

A Cat

The second patient is a cat. She has a loving human mother and father. The mother is a patient of mine. The cat was diagnosed several years ago, with an autoimmune disease that usually dogs contract, not cats. Different western, allopathic medicines were prescribed. We used homeopathy throughout the whole time, often, alternating the homeopathic remedies and/or giving them once a month. One sign that told us that a particular homeopathic remedy was needed, was when her gums and inner ears were white.

About four months ago, the cat’s veterinarian had suggested to her owner that they start to wean the cat off of steroids. We supported her with a particular homeopathic remedy while this was happening. Now insulin is slowly being reduced, as well as a chemo therapy immune type of medication that she has been using for a few years. This is all happening under the care of the veterinarian. We are supporting the cat using homeopathic remedies. It is an ongoing process.

There is no difference between treating a person or an animal. The same homeopathic remedies are used for both. It is what is needed.

Homeopathy To Heal

I see people for many different health issues. Recently, I have seen people who are experiencing constipation, anxiousness, depression, digestive issues, recovering from a strep infection, have a lingering deep cough, psoriasis, skin eruptions, heart palpitations, steroid use, extremely painful sensitivity to sound, and other health issues. Some of these patients have used western medicine in the past for these health issues and are continuing to use them when we started homeopathy. The need for the western medications may become less during the healing. This needs to be monitored by their physician.

I want to give people hope, and for them to know that there are choices in their health care. The healing may not be right away. Other layers may come up. We address them. It is a process. One homeopathic remedy may help and that is all that the person needs, at that time. Very often a series of homeopathic remedies are needed. Each homeopathic remedy is addressing one layer, and moving the healing forward.

If I could be of help to you or a loved one regarding a health issue, I invite you to contact me here or through my website www.homeopathytoheal.com. I offer a complimentary 15+ minute Get Acquainted Call. I work with people of all ages, in person and virtually, in and out of the San Diego, California area.


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Happy Mother’s Day And Craving of Sugar/Sweets

It was Mother’s Day this past Sunday, I want to share with you a post I wrote in October, 2022, in which I wrote how Moms are the advocates of their family’s health.

Moms can be advocates for their children, their partners, their parents, their extended family, theirmotherhood-7114294_960_720 friends, their pets and themselves. A father too may be the mom of the family, or an aunt, or a good friend or some other relationship. I am including all those relationships into one, and calling them mom, the mom of the family.

Moms are usually my contact person for whoever the patient is in the family. They are the ones who call me initially. They know when a member of their family is well, and not well. They know if something has changed with a family member. They are good observers. They know. They sense. They are aware. They may not know what is wrong or bothering the family member, specifically, but they know something is not right.

When sensing that something is not quite right with a family member, moms will seek out health care for that person. Moms may do research to see what choices they have, perhaps ones that they may have not known of before. They may ask other moms what they know, and who they know who could help.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms in the world. 

Cravings For Sugar/Sweets

Over these last several months, I have seen several patients who experience a very strong, strong desire for sugar/sweets. Having a craving for sugar/sweets is not rare, yet having a very strong desire for them, almost like an addiction, as one patient commented, can be a very important piece of the patient’s case. This strong craving and more about each of these three individuals lead me to the selection of the homeopathic remedy used. Each of these three patients had their own individual experiences and other symptoms unique to them, along with the strong craving.

I gave the same remedy to all three of these patients. It is early to know with one of the patients how, and if, it has helped. With the other two patients, it seems to have helped. If someone craves sugar/sweets, it doesn’t mean that they would need this homeopathic remedy. There are other homeopathic remedies in which a craving for sugar/sweets is also prominent.   

I know that eating a lot of sugar/sweet type of foods, weight loss and management, and pre-diabetic/diabetes are issues that are very common today. People are looking for answers and for help. I am not advocating a particular diet, that is not my area of expertise. I am not advocating the homeopathic remedy that was given to my three patients for everyone. I am saying that homeopathy can be helpful for these types of health issues. When someone is feeling better, experiencing a general sense of well being, they will eat better, choose foods that are nourishing to them, and may start to lose weight if that is their intention. Homeopathy has also helped people who are pre-diabetic and have diabetes. Diabetes is a whole body health issue.

Homeopathy can work alongside the use of western medications. As someone is healing and feeling better, their need for these medications may become less. Decreasing someone’s medication needs to be monitored by their physician. 

Homeopathy To Heal

In my homeopathic practice, I see people for many different health issues. Many times, patients come when they have used other healing treatments and are not doing better. Homeopathy sees the total person, along with what brought the person in, their initial health issue. 

I offer a complimentary 15+ minute Get Acquainted Call. In this call, you can find out about me and homeopathy, and I can learn a little bit about what is bothering you. Then you can decide if you want to make an appointment. I work with people in person, and virtually, with all ages, and in and out of the San Diego, California area. You can contact me here or through my website www.homeopathytoheal.com

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A Quote, Talking About Deep Healing

In this blog post I am sharing a quote.


The quote is from George Vithoulkas. He is one of the leading homeopathic practitioners and teachers of homeopathy. He has written many books, one of them is THE SCIENCE OF HOMEOPATHY. He says: “The long-term benefit of homeopathy to the patient is that it not only alleviates the presenting symptoms but it reestablishes internal order at the deepest levels and thereby provides a lasting cure.” 

As I wrote in my last blog post, homeopathy sees symptoms as signs and guides. Symptoms lead the homeopath to selecting the homeopathic remedy or remedies that will be needed to help heal. Homeopathy addresses the symptoms, eases them, AND addresses the “root” of why the symptoms are there. The root is the “deepest levels” that Vithoulkas is writing about in the aboveearth soil quote.

A healing at the root or the deepest levels, is healing where the symptoms or the health issue comes from. I like to say it is healing the soil of the person.

Very often someone has a health issue. They take a medication. The symptoms are gone, for a period of time, a few hours, a few days, a few months. They may be taking a medication every day, even. There is no healing of the health issue. It is still there, covered over, suppressed. The root has not been addressed. Symptoms that affect deeper parts and functioning of the body may develop. For example, this can happen with skin eruptions, such as with eczema. Someone uses a topical cortisone cream. The itching is relieved. The eruptions of the eczema are gone. Then the person starts to develop breathing difficulties or asthma. We see this a lot in children. The symptoms of the eczema are gone, the deeper levels and the root of the eczema were not addressed. In fact, it has been suppressed.  

Healing can take time. I know we all want that magic pill, to feel better right away, and for the symptoms to be gone, and not to come back. True, deep healing is a process and takes time.

Homeopathy To Heal

I love what I do. It is challenging, rewarding, frustrating, ever learning, and so needed. 

I receive calls and inquiries from people asking if homeopathy can help a health issue they are experiencing. Recently, these calls and inquiries have been about anxiety/depression, constipation, uterine fibroid, separating from their mother, strep throat, colds, coughs, intestinal cramping, menstrual issues, cracks in the nailbeds and more. What people contact me for is very varied, ranging from physical to mental to emotional issues. Actually, everything is connected. We are a totality.  

If you or a loved one has a health issue, which continues to bother you, I encourage you to contact me here through this blog or through my website www.homeopathytoheal.com. I offer a complimentary 15+ minute Get Acquainted Call. I work with people of all ages, babies through older adults, for many different health issues. I work virtually and in person, in and out of the San Diego, California area.