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Vertigo – Dizzy, dizzy, dizzzzzzy – Homeopathy Heals


Feeling so                d d d                     i                                                      y       y

z zzzzz

zzz                                        zzz

that is seems as though the room is spinning. You feel as if you are spinning too, and everything else is staying still. Or you are staying still, and everything else is spinning.


slanted door

This particular door was probably built this way to fit the space of the entrance to the building. And the building may have been built on a hill. The photo gives the impression of being off, and it is a little bit unsettling to look at it.

This unsettling and off feeling may be the way someone experiences vertigo. In addition to being dizzy, the person may also feel discomfort in other parts of their body, such as in their digestion, vision, sense of balance, emotions, hearing, head, and more.

Vertigo Is Different For Each Person

This list will give you an idea how differently people can experience vertigo.

  • During menses
  • With nausea
  • Aggravated by motion
  • When lying down
  • When turning around in bed
  • Upon raising up                                                                                                                            whirligig-773644_960_720
  • When raising their head
  • With staggering
  • When riding in a boat, a car, on horseback
  • After an accident or trauma
  • While walking
  • When stooping
  • Vomiting when feeling dizzy
  • During the morning, afternoon, evening, or night
  • Heat – during, before, from being
  • Closing eyes
  • Looking downward, to left side, to right side
  • After fright
  • After an emotional upset
  • When someone has an ear infection
  • And more

Healing With Homeopathy

From the hearing, observing, and witnessing how the person experiences their vertigo, the homeopath chooses the homeopathic remedy that fits this particular person. In homeopathy, it is always learning about the individual, and addressing the wholeness of this person.

Do you experience feeling off? Do you have vertigo? Have you used some healing modalities that helped you at first, but are not healing any longer? Has the vertigo returned? Feeling dizzy consistently in your life is a difficult way to live.


I would be very happy to talk with you about how YOU experience vertigo, and how homeopathy can be helpful and healing for you. I encourage you to contact me here through this blog or through my website www.homeopathytoheal.com. I offer a 15+ minute complimentary Get Acquainted Call.