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Another Good Book To Read – GOD’S HOTEL

  • Time, allowing time in which to heal.
  • We are not a machine.
  • Vitalism. There is a life force within each of us. This force helps us heal ourselves.

These are some of the ideas/topics that Dr. Victoria Sweet writes about in her book GOD’S HOTEL.


Dr. Sweet writes about the years she worked at the Laguana Honda Hospital in San Francisco. This was a hospital for the in god's hotelvery poor, who had no where else to go to recuperate, to heal, or to spend their last years. Dr. Sweet writes about medicine, about healing, about people, and about her own journey in medicine and what she experiences as healing. I felt that some of what she wrote is so similar to the way homeopathy looks at health, at healing, and how each person is an individual – (the above three lines.)

From The Book

Here is several paragraphs from her book.

“Although, as I researched Hildegard’s concept of viriditas for my PhD and tried to understand what she meant by it, I discovered that premodern medicine did have a name for this magical act that the body performs. It was called the vis medicatrix naturae, usually translated as “the healing power of nature.” But this is not a great translation. Vis is related to vim and vigor and means the force of life, of youth, of newness. Medicatrix is related to remedy and medication. And naturae does not mean nature as in “Mother Nature,” but rather your nature, my nature …. It means the nature of us to be ourselves. So the vis medicatrix naturae is really “the remedying force of your own nature to be itself,” to turn back into itself when it has been wounded.”    p. 99

“The mechanists believed that life was mechanical, simply a series of processes that science could eventually understand and duplicate; the body was a machine that could be fixed. For the vitalists, the body was not a machine. They believed that life had something special about it that science could never duplicate. The vitalists were the romantics of medicine, and in the last decades of the nineteenth century they lost their battle with the mechanists. By the early twentieth century, any reference to vitalism or the healing power of nature was considered heretical. Yet vitalism did not disappear. Instead, it dived down into the subterranean rivers of Western medicine and reappeared in the many side streams of alternative medicine.

Whether there is such a thing as the healing power of nature is, perhaps, beside the point. What I do know for sure is that it is a useful way of looking at my patients’ bodies; it gives me a way of imagining that the body’s natural state is to be whole, perfect, and without blemish. And it is what differentiates the living body from a machine: because if nothing interferes, the body, unlike a machine, will heal itself.”  p. 100

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If this sounds interesting to you, I encourage you to pick up the book at your library, at a bookstore, or online. To me, Dr. Sweet expressed a deep caring and concern for the individual, and how they heal. So similar to how homeopathy focuses on the individual – their needs, their suffering, and their healing.

I am always happy to talk to someone on how homeopathy can be of help for their health concerns. You can contact me here, or through my website www.homeopathytoheal.com