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Making A House Call As A Homeopath

house-787037_960_720The other week I made a house call to a new patient. It was a woman in her mid 80’s. It was about a 40 minute drive to my consultation clinic from her house. I have made a few house calls over the years, but very rarely. As I was giving her the driving directions to my clinic, I could see that she was confused about exiting off of the freeway. It was at this point I¬†offered to make a house. And I knew that her confusion was part of her case.

Making House Calls

Homeopaths in the past made house calls routinely. It was part of their practice. It was seeing someone in their sick bed, they would say. Seeing where someone lived, their environment, whether the windows were open, closed, or slightly open. If the person was covered or uncovered. Who else lived there with them. If the room was dark or light, messy or neat. If it was a cold room, a hot room or a damp room. How the person spoke or didn’t speak to other members in the house. And more. It all contributed to learning and getting a complete picture of the person. It was part of taking the person’s case. And it would still be so today.

My Patient

I felt that going to this woman’s home gave me some information about her that I may have not gotten if she had come to my consultation clinic. She had mentioned during our consultation, actually she had mentioned it several times, that she does a lot of reading, and reads about a specific topic. Towards the end of the consultation she said to me, I want to show you something. I want to show you my books, the ones that I own, and the ones I take living-room-877254_960_720out of the library.

We walked into another room where these books were stacked neatly on top of each other on one shelf. The titles were facing horizontally outward. I have read each of these books twice, she said. I needed to do that, because I didn’t understand them the first time. I don’t have any more of these books right now to read. I need to get more. I need to go to the library.

The topic of the books reflected her questioning in a certain area. She seemed to be looking for answers or an explanation about life.

It Is Always About the Whole Person

The homeopath is finding out about the whole person. It is through witnessing, listening, and observing how the person experiences what bothers them. In a way, it is getting into their world, hearing their perceptions, understanding and decoding their language. This is so whether the complaint that brought the person in for homeopathic care is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. By being in someone’s home, seeing their environment, seeing what they have created in their environment, and more, can add greatly to knowing the person.

I see most of my patients in my consultation clinic. And I will continue to do so. If there is a need for me to go to the home of the patient, because driving is difficult for them, for example, I will go.


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