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Taking Everything Into Consideration – Seeing The Totality Of The Person

Many people come in for homeopathic care for a chronic health issue, that they may have been experiencing for awhile. When I meet with a patient I am finding out how they experience what is bothering them.

Sometimes, this may take several appointments. Each appointment gives more information towards getting the totality picture of the person. To have as complete a picture of the person, helps to come to the homeopathic remedy that is most similar to the patient.

Taking Everything Into Consideration

All of what I have listed here, and maybe more, makes up the totality of the person.

  • What is bothering them? Why have they come for homeopathic care?
  • How do they experience what bothers them? Pain, discomfort, side of body, what makes it worse or better, other symptoms with it. The sensation of what bothers them. Why is this a problem?
  • When did it start? What was going in their life when it started? A trauma, a loss of job, loss of a relationship or loved one, a physical move, diet change, medications taken, a particular medical condition?
  • An unusual symptom or how someone experiences a symptoms uniquely to them. It is called strange, rare and peculiar (SRP)
  • Emotional  state
  • Mental state                                                         spiral-2368124__340
  • Dreams
  • Fears
  • Childhood – events, illnesses
  • Trauma – illnesses, loss of loved one, loss of home, accident, loss of job, accident, natural disasters
  • Interests
  • Medical history
  • Family medical history –  susceptibility to health concerns are passed down from one generation to another. Susceptibility means a tendency to experience/develop certain symptoms or illnesses.
  • Medications taken over lifetime, especially if they were ongoing. The person may have noticed changes/symptoms when starting the medications, or later on. Medications like: antibiotics, vaccines, for fertility treatments, birth control pills.
  • Use of a substance for a long period of time, which has been toxic, such as chewing tobacco, smoking, drinking alcohol, and use of cell phone, especially with children. Symptoms or ill health developed after this. I have read cases about symptoms and ill health developing with overuse of what I have listed here.

Seeing The Totality Of The Person

It is seeing the totality. Finding out as much as possible about the patient. Seeing what may have brought them to this state of ill health. With this understanding and knowledge of their totality, a homeopathic remedy is given. As the healing process moves forward, this first homeopathic remedy may be repeated, a higher potency/strength of the remedy may be given, or another homeopathic remedy will be given. It is a process. Each homeopathic remedy helps us to move forward to the next, and is chosen based on the similarity to what the person is experiencing at that time. The Law of Similars or Like Cures Like is the main principle of homeopathy. The given homeopathic remedies stimulate the person’s own healing abilities, bringing the person back to a more healthful state of being.

Homeopathy To Heal

These are some of the recent health issues people have called me about, and have come in for homeopathic care. Many of these people have also reached out to their physician.

  • skin eruptions – warts, eczema, rashes
  • swollen lymph nodes
  • vertigo
  • migraines/headaches
  • fears/phobias
  • anxiety/depression
  • digestive issues
  • menstrual issues
  • extreme sensitivity to sound and noise
  • reactions to vaccines
  • traumas – physical, emotional, mental
  • eye discomfort and infection
  • pressure in the head
  • not feeling right


If I can be of help to you or a loved one, I invite you to contact me here or through my website www.homeopathytoheal.com. I offer a complimentary 15+ minute Get Acquainted Call. I see patients, babies through older adults, local to and outside of the San Diego, California area both in person and virtually. Homeopathy is helpful for first aid, acute health issues and chronic health issues. 


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Having Choices

I am for choice. To get information, so we can make choices that work and fit us regarding our health care.   choice-2692466_960_720

Historically, homeopathy has been helpful in epidemics. There usually is a group of homeopathic remedies that fit that particular epidemic. This was so with the 1918 – 1919 Spanish Flu epidemic, and it is so with the epidemic we are experiencing now. Different homeopathic remedies have come up for each of these epidemics. I wrote about this in past blog posts.

During the time we are in, homeopathy has been used all over the world to help people who have come down with the coronavirus. It has helped tremendously. Unfortunately, in mainstream news we don’t hear about how helpful homeopathy has been.

Being a homeopath, and knowing that there is help if someone comes down with the virus, gives me confidence if I, a family member, or a patient do become sick. I have seen a few patients who had coronavirus symptoms. We used the homeopathic remedies that had come up to be useful for this virus, and that fit what the person was experiencing. Homeopathy helped them a lot.

In January 2021, I saw a woman who had difficulty breathing, especially saying that too much air was coming in when she was inhaling. She said she needed to wear a mask to decrease the amount of air coming in. She had been experiencing her symptoms for about 4 weeks before I saw her. Homeopathy helped her.

If people do choose to take the vaccine, there are homeopathic remedies that can be helpful for the initial reaction, such as a sore arm, a rash, a fever, a headache, and aches and pains. Historically, homeopathy has been very helpful for those who have lingering effects from a vaccine. There is a rubric in the Homeopathic Repertory “General, Vaccinations, after”, under which quite a few homeopathic remedies are listed.

I have seen a few patients who have had the vaccine, helping them with the kinds of reactions that I listed above. We don’t know yet what the long term reactions or side effects will be from these vaccines. Homeopaths all over the world are starting to collect cases of people who have had reactions, and coming up with homeopathic remedies that will be helpful. Collecting this information regarding side effects is similar to how the information was collected regarding homeopathic remedies for this epidemic. A group of homeopathic remedies will emerge as being helpful for those who have side effects.

My knowledge and trust in homeopathy guides me. It grounds me. I know there is help for those who are sick; those who come down with the coronavirus; those who don’t take the vaccine; and those who may experience side effects from the vaccine.

Having a choice is important. Choose what works for you. Do your research. I want to add, don’t come from fear.

Continue taking care of yourself by eating well, getting good rest, taking vitamins, being outside in the sunshine, being with people you enjoy, and doing activities you love. All these help to boost your immune system. We have a wonderful innate ability to heal.

If I can be help, please contact me here or through my website http://www.homeopathytoheal.com


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More About The Homeopathic Remedy Ledum Palustre

I have written about the homeopathic remedy Ledum Palustre in a prior post. Here is some information from this post, plus I have added some other information. If you want to read the first post in its entirety, here is the link to that post.

Ledum Palustre

Ledum helps ease the redness, swelling, stinging, and pricking pains that someoneledum vial may experience from the insect bite, sting, or puncture wound. The pains may extend upward.

Cold applications help to ease and to relieve the discomfort and pains of the wound. The area feels cold, internally and possibly externally to the touch. It may seem odd that cold applications would help relieve the pain, since the area feels cold. The  sensitivity to coldness and the area feeling cold is very characteristic of Ledum. In homeopathy, we call this kind of characteristic a keynote.

This coldness keynote helps to differentiate Ledum from the homeopathic remedy Apis, which is made from the honey bee. Apis can also be helpful for insect bites. With Apis, the area feels very hot and can be raised and red. The person feels very anxious, and restless, wanting to move. Think of a honey bee, they are always moving.

Puncture Wounds

A puncture wound occurs from sharp pointed objects such as nails, injections, stings, bites from animals or insects , scratches and splinters.  Some examples of injections are an IV, an immunization, an injection given when having dental work, and when giving blood, and a tattoo, too.

VACCINES – When someone been given a vaccine, in the form of an injection, there sometimes is a reaction to the injection and/or vaccine. It may be helpful to use Ledum  at the time of the injection or later on in time. By using Ledum, you are helping the body’s immune system handle the injection, since it was administered, given or introduced by a puncture. Apis may also be very helpful after an injection, as well as other homeopathic remedies.

LYME DISEASE – If someone is experiencing Lyme Disease type symptoms or has been diagnosed as having Lyme Disease, Ledum may be very helpful as one of the homeopathic remedies used in the person’s treatment. Again, it is that the exposure to the Lyme Disease was through a bite from a tick, which is a puncture.


In homeopathy, how someone was exposed to something is very important, and could be considered a causation. When taking a case, I often ask the person what was happening before or at the time of when they started to experience their symptoms. Exposures can be physical, like a bite, an accident, or trauma, and also emotional like a loss, a fear, or an emotional trauma. This is all part of the person’s cases.


If I can be of help to you or a family member in regards to the above, like a bite, a vaccine, Lyme Disease or any other health concern, please contact me here on this blog or through my website www.homeopathytoheal.com.




The Movie VAXXED: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe

I saw the documentary VAXXED: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe this weekend. It is an important film to see.

We hear about vaccines and we hear about autism. We hear of families saying that their young child, after receiving the MMR vaccine, regressed in their developmental abilities, such as in walking, talking and language, and in their social interactions with their family members and others. And we hear in the media citing scientific findings that there is no connection between the MMR vaccine and autism.

I invite you to learn more about this topic by viewing the film VAXXED. I am providing you the link to their website, where you can find the locations and the showing times of the film. It may be playing in your neighborhood. Click here:  http://vaxxedthemovie.com/


Homeopathy can be very helpful when someone contracts a childhood disease, and also if someone has had an adverse reaction to a vaccine. I wrote a post in February 2015 that talks about measles and homeopathy. It is titled Measles: Homeopathy Helps.

If I can be of any help in regards to yours or your child’s health, please contact me on this blog or through my website www.homeopathytoheal.com. I would be happy to talk with you.

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We All Have Our Own Unique Sensitive Areas – Homeopathy Heals the Individual

In a previous blog post, I gave a link to an article and video talking about the overuse of antibiotics in children. Very simply, the bacteria that is helpful in the digestion of peanuts was being killed by the antibiotics. So when a child ate peanuts, they were unable to digest them. It is called a peanut allergy. We are seeing a rise of this allergy, which can be life threatening. If you want to read the article and view the video, I give the link to both in blog post is OVERUSE OF ANTIBIOTICS MAY BE THE CAUSE OF PEANUT ALLERGIES.

After reading this article and viewing the video, I immediately thought of how children with autism have issues with their digestion. I had recently talked with a mother whose autistic teenage son is doing very well on a gluten and dairy free diet. These foods were difficult for him, causing digestive issues as well as behavioral and processing ones. Many children with autism have these digestion issues, and sensitivities to gluten and dairy products.

Food Allergies and Autism

Why are we seeing more food allergies and autism in our children? I just found it so interesting that the digestive system is affected in both of these situations. Most likely, these children have a more sensitive digestive system. In the 1990’s, when Dr. Andrew Wakefield was still practicing medicine, many parents brought their child to see him for treatment. Dr. Wakefield was/is a gastrointestinal surgeon. These children were having digestive issues, and some of them were on the autistic spectrum. Dr. Wakefield saw a connection between children who had autism with those who had an adverse reaction to the MMR vaccine. I know this is controversial, and this isn’t what this blog post is about.  But there is something about how medication, whether the overuse of antibiotics, or vaccines, is effecting children, and effecting their digestive system.

Sensitive Area of Our Body

In other blog posts I have mentioned that most of us have a more sensitive area of our body and/or body’s functioning capability. For some it is their stomach and digestive system, for others it is headaches, skin eruptions, anxiousness, insomnia, to name just a few. Most likely for the children I am writing about in this blog post, their sensitive area was the digestive system.  When they have stress, or pressure, or any external or internal upheaval, they will experience symptoms in their digestive tract. Medication, or too many doses of a medications, or a vaccine may be one of these triggers. With the end result being severe damage to their digestive system. This is what may have happened to these children.

i am uniqueWe are not a one size fits all.  We are not one medicine fits all. We each have our own sensitivity and our own reactions, and respond to medication uniquely to us.  Whenever someone is receiving medications, the person needs to be monitored well by their physician or their health practitioner. This includes when using homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathy focuses on and treats the individual.  Homeopathy isn’t treating the disease, which is a  name, but how the individual experiences their symptoms, and how it bothers them.  We each are unique.

When going for homeopathic treatment, the homeopath is listening, observing, uncovering the what and the how of what is bothering the person. What is the pain, discomfort like? How does this affect the person? What is the problem with having this? Sensations? Dreams? Fears? Emotional state? With an understanding of the person’s uniqueness, a homeopathic remedy is selected that is similar to what the person is experiencing. It is a remedy for this person, not the disease. The remedy stimulates the person’s own healing process, healing at the root, at the core of the problem.

With the children, or adults, who have food allergies and/or on the autistic spectrum, homeopathy can be a big help in their health care. It may not totally reverse what has occurred. It will though help strengthen and balance them, so they are feeling well in themselves, have less flare ups of their allergies and their behavioral and processing responses, and anything else that is bothering them.

I would be happy to talk further about how homeopathy can help. Either leave a comment below or contact me through my website, http://www.homeopathytoheal.com