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Symptoms Are A Sign Of The Person’s Sensitivity

We don’t feel well. We have a symptom, a discomfort, a pain, that bothers us. We want it to go away, to be relieved, to not have it anymore.

Symptoms, discomfort, pain are all signs and messages that something is not right. Yes, these signs bother us, but they are not isolated, they are not just to themselves. They are a reflection, a manifestation of something deeper in our bodies, in our beings, showing up in this symptom.

Our bodies speak to us. They tell us about ourselves. And often, it is so LOUD in its discomfort, pain, itching, discharging, fever, that we need to do something about it. The homeopath listens to this sign, and to the whole of the person. They want to know how this particular discomfort, pain, symptom, fits in/relates to the whole person.

A Woman Feeling Vulnerable

Recently, a woman I know had a discomfort in her navel area. Years ago, she had had a laparoscopy and scar tissue developed in her navel from this procedure. She never had any problem with this area until several years ago, and now she was having a recurrence again. The area was painful, inflamed, and swollen which made it very difficult to sit. She was using hot compresses to help relieve and heal the area, wanting the area to start draining.

She was going to an event soon, and was feeling stressed about it. There was an inner conflict. She had been figuring out what would be the best way for her to go to this event. And then her navel became inflamed. She was feeling fearful. How can she travel? And she was fearful that this area could get worse. She decided it was time to see her homeopath.

She described the area of her navel as being very soft and vulnerable. Nothing was          pomegranate-open-196800_960_720 surrounding the area to protect it; there was nothing hard to cover the vulnerability. It was completely open and vulnerable to whatever came along. And it being so soft, open, and vulnerable, it could be easily hurt and injured. This is how she described the area and how she felt about going to the event. She knew that no one would actually injure this area or hurt her physically. But she felt very vulnerable, with the feeling that she might be “attacked” (her word), a verbal attack, and it would hurt her, injure her.

The navel area was analogous to how she felt about herself in the world. She felt that she was so soft and vulnerable, and needed to protect herself from being hurt, being injured. She needed to be hard; the hardness would protect her, it would surround her. The injuries could be physical, but more so, she felt the injuries could be from when she had interactions with people. That she she could be hurt by what they said. This was her sensitivity. (There is more to her case than what I have written here.)

A Healing

arnica-468434_960_720In homeopathy, the homeopath hears/observes/witnesses the person’s sensitivity. The sensitivity is expressed through how they talk about what bothers them; how they talk about their symptoms. And the person experiences this sensitivity on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally.

As the person heals, the sensitivity becomes quieter and quieter. With this woman, as she heals, she will not feel as vulnerable, open and soft. She will not feel as though she needs something hard surrounding, enclosing, and protecting her from getting hurt and injured. She can be more of herself, and be part of the world more fully.

Symptoms are an expression of the sensitivity. They are a guide. Homeopathy uses them to learn more about the sensitivity. It is the sensitivity that quiets and heals, and with that, the symptoms, the navel with this woman, heals too.


What are your symptoms? How are they expressive of your sensitivity?

I would be happy to talk with you. You can contact me here on this blog or through my website www.homeopathytoheal.com. I offer a complimentary Get Acquainted Call.







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What Is Itching You? – Skin Eruptions And Homeopathy

Recently, I was in my local health food store. I was talking to one of the sales people who I have known for a long time. A woman came up to the sales person and said, I am the woman who called earlier about a product for my daughter to help remove skin tags. We all three were standing in the aisle where the homeopathic remedies were located, and that particular product was right in front of us. After the woman left, I looked at the product. It was a box, on which was written “Thuja Occidentalis Homeopathic”. I believe it was an ointment or a liquid that was used topically. (The plant Thuja Occidentalis is made into a homeopathic remedy. The wasn’t the homeopathic remedy of Thuja Occidentalis.)

This interaction inspired me to write about skin eruptions. I have written a little bit about this topic before in two earlier posts. One post talked about eczema, and the other post was in reference to Direction of Cure. I have given the links here.

Skin Eruptions

I know that many people, of all ages, suffer with different kinds of skin eruptions. A skin eruption can be eczema, psoriasis, impetigo, acne, skin irritationrosacea, cysts, boils, warts, skin tags, pustules, hives, or other rashes. They are experienced as being:

  • painful
  • a nerve type pain, such as in shingles
  • a burning pain
  • an itchiness
  • a soreness
  • a redness
  • an inflammation
  • swollen
  • an oozing and discharging of pus or blood
  • become scabbed
  • a dryness
  • a roughness
  • a scaliness and flakiness
  • an embarrassment
  • worrisome
  • a discomfort
  • wanting to hide it and cover it up
  • affecting one’s functioning ability at work and in social situations
  • more

Not Just On The Skin

Please note that I have listed physical sensations AND emotional responses AND how it affects one. I say this because skin eruptions are not just on the skin. They are a reflection of something deeper in the body, stairs spiralthat is manifesting on the skin. To just care for the skin eruption by doing something topically on the skin, such as this treatment that the woman was going to use for her daughter, is not necessarily healing, and is not addressing where the skin eruption is coming from.

A skin eruption is a response or a reaction of something deeper in the body or system of the person. These can be from:

  • an allergic reaction to foods, chemicals, toxins, fabrics, medicines or others substances in the person’s environment.
  • a systemic imbalance.
  • a hormonal change or part of a cycle. It get even be a response to birth control medication – when starting, during or stopping the medication.
  • a reaction to stress, anxiety, grief, fear, or other emotions. I know of a woman who developed hives soon after her husband passed away.
  • a part of the healing that accompanies a fever, such as in the measles and chicken pox. The rash in these childhood diseases are important and part of the healing process. You want the rash to be present.

Homeopathy To Heal

Homeopathy is very healing for people who suffer with skin eruptions. Homeopathy heals at the root of where the symptoms are coming from, in this case, where the skin eruptions are coming from. Each person experiences what bothers them differently. With the understanding of the person’s suffering, a homeopathic remedy that is similar to this is given. This homeopathic remedy stimulates the person’s own healing process. The person feels better in themselves, and the symptoms that brought them in for homeopathic care are better. In this case, the skin eruptions are better.

To Continue My Story

After the mother had left, I said to the sales person, I would want to know what bothers the daughter. Perhaps the skin tags bother the mother more than they do the daughter. And in fact, they don’t bother the daughter at all. If the skin tags do bother the daughter, I would want to know how she experiences them. It is always finding out about the person, what bothers them, and how they experience it. It is not just treating someone with a one size fits all product.

Healing With Homeopathy

Is there something that is itching you? Is there something on your skin that bothers you? I invite you to contact me, to see how homeopathy can be of help to you . You can contact me here, on this blog, or on my website www.homeopathytoheal.com. I have a 15 complimentary Get Acquainted Call.