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Giving Space

This past week I was reminded about how space is given in the appointment when I see a patient.  Space to talk, to show, to express what is bothering them. Nothing had changed in this particular appointment on how I meet with a patient. I was just reminded of it. I felt and feel a deep respect and wonderment on how homeopathy can give the kind of space that a person needs.

My job is to witness what is bothering the patient. I have learned over the years to meet the patient where they are. To be flexible. Where they are now is where we start in the healing process, giving the homeopathic remedy that is similar to them at this time.

How Some Patients Are

Some patients are very factual in their telling of what is bothering them, relating numbers of tests, or not elaborating on how they experience their symptoms. This may be what they are used to when going to a health practitioner. Many times it is a physical symptom or a specific name/label/diagnosis that has brought them in for homeopathic care.

In addition to telling me about their physical symptoms, some patients talk about their emotional state. hands - sculpted Often sharing a story, a situation, or a relationship that they are in now or were in the past, and how they feel about it. How it affects or affected them.

Some patients may not say so much about their physical symptoms. They talk more about the world they life in, their reality, feeling that something is not quite right about it. Often they will say, “This doesn’t make sense”, or “I don’t know what I am saying”, and continue to talk. This is what happened this past week with a patient. I have had people say “I sound crazy” or “This is crazy what I am saying”.

If the person is non verbal, such as a baby, they are expressing themselves in other ways than in words. Wherever the persons speaks from and however they speak.


I want to mention again how homeopathy can be helpful when someone has coronavirus; for someone who has had the virus and is continuing to not feel well; and someone who may have had a reaction to the vaccine.


I work with people of all ages who have a persistent and ongoing health issue and are not feeling as good as they know they could. Despite doing different healing treatments, they feel their health issue has not been resolved and have no clue on how to do so. We work together to get to the root cause of their health issue, and heal there.

I invite you to contact me here on this blog or through my website www.homeopathytoheal.com. I have a complimentary 15+ minute Get Acquainted Call. I work with people both virtually and in person in and out of the San Diego area.


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Listening, Witnessing, Giving Space – Homeopathy Does This Well

Over the last few weeks, I have “liked” and “shared” two quotations on my Classical Homeopathy Facebook Page. Some of you may have read them. I am including them here, along with Aphorism #84 from the Organon of the Medical Art by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, edited and annotated by Wenda Brewster O’Reilly, PhD. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann developed homeopathy.

The topic of the quotations is about listening, being with someone when they are suffering, giving them a place, that space the letters i and uis safe, sacred even, to show and to tell what their suffering is. It is with no judgment, no advice, no        , just there and is.

This is one of the things that homeopathy does so well. Giving space.

I found this image on Google Images. I had been looking for a while. I liked this one, it made me laugh. I hope that you find it amusing and right on.


We all need a sacred Witness in life, a person who can listen without judgment while knowing the right questions to ask that continually illuminate our path.

~ Caroline Myss

When someone is going through a storm, your silent presence is more powerful than a million, empty words.

~? Reba McEntire (To be honest, I don’t know if this is from her or not.)

The patient complains of the process of his ailments. The patient’s relations tell what he has complained of, his behavior and what they have perceived about him. The physician sees, hears and notices through the remaining senses what is altered or unusual about the patient. he writes everything down with the very same expressions used by the patient and his relations. The physician keeps silent, allowing them to say all they have to say without interruption, unless they stray off to side issues. Only let the physician admonish them to speak slowly right at the outset so that, in writing down what is necessary, he can follow the speaker.

~ Dr. Samuel Hahnemann,  Aphorism #84

Giving Space

When seeing a homeopath, as described in Aphorism #84, the homeopath is there to see, to hear and to notice what the patient’s suffering is. The suffering can be any physical ailment, any emotional upset and distress, any mental disfunctioning, and any spiritual questioning.  Space is there, to see what this suffering is like for the person.

If you, or a loved one, is suffering, it may be time to see how homeopathy can be healing for you. I would be happy to talk with you. I have a 15 minute complimentary phone consultation. You can contact me either through the comments here on this blog, or through my website http://www.homeopathytoheal.com