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Repost: When A Child Runs A Fever


About a year ago, I wrote a blog post about children and fevers. I am reposting it here. We often feel frightened when a loved one is running a fever, and feel that we need to do something about it right away.

Fevers are part of our body’s innate healing process. There are homeopathic remedies that are helpful when someone has a fever.

Here is the post:

This weekend I was at a friend’s open house, and I was talking to a mom about her 2 year old little girl, Sarah, not her real name. Sarah was getting over being sick.  She had had a fever that ran more at night, than in the daytime. She had the fever for about 2 days, and it was pretty high. Sarah’s mom told me that this was the first time Sarah has been sick, and it was frightening to see her daughter run the fever and not feel well.

I commented to Sarah’s mom, that a fever is a good thing. It is the body’s way of healing. She agreed with me.

This is more of what I told Sarah’s mom:

Children often run higher fevers than adults do. With children, fevers, and other symptoms, come on quickly and suddenly, and seem to be very extreme; and, the fevers go away quickly and suddenly as well. This suddenness and extreme symptoms teddy-242868_960_720are a reflection of a STRONG vital force. It is a good sign. It is showing health. The body is doing what is does so well. The person doesn’t necessarily feel so good, but a fever is a good sign of health.

In comparison, someone who does not have a strong vital force, such as an older person or someone who has an ongoing chronic condition, may not run a fever at all, run a low fever, or run a fever on and off. And the illness may just drag on.

I added, that it is very common for children to run a fever at night, be fine the next day, playing and being active, and then run the fever again at night. Sarah’s mom said that is what had happened with Sarah, for two days.

I could tell that Sarah’s mom felt better hearing this. She seemed more relaxed, knowing that Sarah is healthy, and her body is  doing what a healthy body does.


Sometimes, a person needs some help in their healing process. Homeopathy can be very helpful when someone is running a fever, has the flu, or has a cold. And if you are concerned when you or a loved one is running a fever, it is always good to check with your physician.

If I can be of any help, please contact me here on this blog, or through my website www.homeopathytoheal.com. I do see patients outside the San Diego area through the use of Skype, Whatsapp and Facetime.

Author: Pamela Hird Klein, PDHom(UK)

I am a classical homeopath. I attended The School of Homeopathy in Devon, England and the California Center for Homeopathic Education in San Diego, California. The latter program focused on the Sensation Method. In my practice, I see babies through older adults, for all kinds of health concerns, ranging from skin eruptions, asthma, women's issues, insomnia, sinus issues, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue and more. www.homeopathytoheal.com

4 thoughts on “Repost: When A Child Runs A Fever

  1. This has been my experience with kids with fevers, as well. I’m currently looking through websites and the books I have on hand to prepare for possible (and welcome) chicken pox. What are your thoughts on benefits of an in person homeopath for chronic conditions vs Skype consult? I may have the ability to see one but it would be an hour or more drive.

    • Hi JennP, Thanks for reading my blog. Homeopathy can be very helpful if a child develops Chicken Pox. As a homeopath, I work with people in person and with Skype, Whatsapp or Facetime. I have a family I see who lives outside the San Diego area. I need to see the person, and a lot of homeopaths feel that way. In person is always the best, but these others ways work too. Working with any health practitioner, the relationship is important. If you are deciding to work with someone via Skype or an hour’s drive, I would base the decision on how you feel about the person. And you want a classical homeopath. Wishing you well, Pam

      • Thank you! I will research more about the couple options I have found and see if they fit. I have stumbled upon a constitutional remedy I think fits me, but would rather have someone classically trained assess and match it when it’s not a small acute issue.

  2. Hi JennP, I came across these emails recently, and thought I would check in with you. Did you find a homeopath to work with? Wishing you well. Pam

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