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My Mulberry Tree – A Description of Wholeness


In my backyard, there is a big, beautiful, non-bearing fruit Mulberry Tree. At this time of year, January, the leaves are turning yellow, and falling to the ground. When I haven’t raked up the leaves, the ground is covered with yellow. Almost like it has snowed yellow, and a little bit of green and brown.



To have a walkway for my patients to come to my consultation room, I need to sweep away the leaves, making a path for them. The image of shoveling snow comes to me as I am sweeping the leaves to make the pathway.

It takes about 4 weeks or more for all the leaves to fall off the tree. As I am raking the leaves, I thank the tree for all the shade and coolness it has given me during the summer. Once all the leaves are gone, I have the tree trimmed back. It is a very fast growing tree. I need to do trim the tree every year.

There are a lot of parts to the tree: the leaves, the trunk, the bark, the branches, the roots, and the blossoms in the spring. It often is a home for birds who have made their nests in it. There is a cycle of life to the tree – birth, blooming, being in full splendor, dying off, dormancy, and rebirth. The fullness of the tree provides shade, and is pleasant to sit under it when it is so full. It is majestic and beautiful. All of these components – the physical elements, what the tree provides, and signifies all make up the wholeness of the tree.



Both of the photos are of my mulberry tree.

We Are A Whole Being

We are like the tree. We are a wholeness. We have parts. The parts of our bodies – our skin, our organs, our limbs, our blood vessels, our genes, our blood, and more. We have our emotions – we express, respond and react to things that happen in our lives. We have our thoughts, our dreams, our behaviors, our interests, our wants and desires, our sensitivities, our loves, our fears, our relationships, what we give, what we do, what we create, and more. We have cycles – menstrual, birth, sleep, digestion, and growth. All together, all these parts make up the whole of each of us. The parts are connected and interrelated with each other. We are a wholeness.

When someone becomes ill, injured, or has a traumatic situation we can’t just treat one part of the body or just one symptom. We need to see, know, and understand the totality and the wholeness of the person. This is what homeopathy does so well. Homeopathy is truly a holism form of medicine.


I am always happy to talk about what may be bothering you in terms of your health, and in how homeopathy can be of help. I invite you to contact me here through this blog, or through my website www.homeopathytoheal.com.




Author: Pamela Hird Klein, PDHom(UK)

I am a classical homeopath. I attended The School of Homeopathy in Devon, England and the California Center for Homeopathic Education in San Diego, California. The latter program focused on the Sensation Method. In my practice, I see babies through older adults, for all kinds of health concerns, ranging from skin eruptions, asthma, women's issues, insomnia, sinus issues, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue and more. www.homeopathytoheal.com

5 thoughts on “My Mulberry Tree – A Description of Wholeness

  1. Hi. I am a 54 year old male. I am very actively searching for a cause and remedy to my problem. I no longer have faith in the medical community, because 1. They take forever to get in to see, and when you do see them (usually their PA, not the SPECIALIST) they don’t show much concern 2. They have run MANY tests, filled me with antibiotics etc and nothing has worked. My problems and symptoms are – Distended stomach (upper area) VERY shortly after eating- Loud gurgling and indigestion feeling- Loud, forceful belching within 15-30 minutes after eating- URGENT need to expel (diarrhea type) , many times within that 30 minute time frame, and often 6-8 times a day- And more recently, bagginess under the eyes, and sometimes the eyes seem a little “gelled” over.—I know there are MANY things that it could be–but I’m DESPERATE…This has been going on for OVER 6 months now !! ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated

    • Hi Max,
      You sound as if you are really suffering with this problem and symptoms. Homeopathy would be helpful. It would be hearing about how this is for you. When I meet with someone it is a 2 hour appointment. Where are you located? I do work with people via Skype if they are not in the San Diego area. I suggest we do a Get Acquainted Phone call, to see if this is something you want to pursue. My phone number is 619-461-2584. We could set up a time on Monday to talk on the phone. Would 10am, California time work for you? Please let me know either way.
      Best wishes, Pam

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  4. Reblogged this on Homeopathy To Heal and commented:

    I wrote this post in 2016. Since it is a New Year, 2020, I wanted to repost this, and also to talk about homeopathy as being part of your health care.

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