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When Someone Is Not Well After Having The Flu – Homeopthy Heals


still sickI know the flu season is technically over for this year. Sometimes, someone has had the flu, and has moved through it fairly well, but there may be some symptoms that linger, and this may continue for a period of time. The person may still be experiencing a lot of weakness, have difficulty breathing, running a low grade fever, feeling achy, and just not feeling well. This state may not be all the time. It may be at certain times of the day, such as at the end of the day. The person is just not feeling well, and are not back to the way they were feeling before they had had the flu.

 Patient Of Mine

A patient I have seen for many years called me. She was not feeling well and had the flu. This was 4 – 6 weeks ago. I had her take the homeopathic remedy that she has been using, and it helped with the flu. About 2 weeks ago, she called and said that although the flu was gone, she still was not feeling back to herself. I had her take another dose of the remedy, but this time it didn’t help. She came in for a consultation, and I took her case to find out more about how, and what she was feeling and experiencing at this time. A different remedy was needed. She was having episodes, she would say, of needing to lay down because she was feeling very weak, and having a difficult time breathing, of taking deep breaths. She was worried about what was happening to her. She felt anxious, almost like a panic attack, but not so, she said These episodes would come on very suddenly, and she needed to go lay down when they came on. They lasted for awhile. This happened at any time of the day. And often when she did too much, so she was limiting her daily activities.

I have not gone into complete detail about her case. It was slightly different from what she had been experiencing before, so I gave her a different homeopathic remedy than the one she had been taking, Actually, it was in the same family as the one she had been taking before. This new remedy helped her, and she started to feel better.

Never Been Well Since

This is an example of never been well since. Someone has been ill, as with the flu, or there has been a trauma, or a fall, or an emotional upset, and they haven’t been better since then.

As a coincidence, I was talking to a woman this week at a meeting. She remarked during our conversation that she had been sick, and then was better, But the last three weeks she hadn’t felt well. I wondered if there has been a lingering of the flu, or something else had happened in her life, and there was a lingering from that. Perhaps, she too was experiencing a never been well since.

Always Treating The Person

Whatever the situation is, the focus is always on the person, the individual person. It is not treating the disease, which is really just a name or a label. It is always treating the person, finding out what is bothering them and how they experience it.


If you, or someone you know, has not been well since having the flu, homeopathy can be helpful and healing. I would be happy to talk to you. I offer a Get Acquainted Phone call. Either contact me here, by leaving a comment, or through my website www.homeopathytoheal.com,

Author: Pamela Hird Klein, PDHom(UK)

I am a classical homeopath. I attended The School of Homeopathy in Devon, England and the California Center for Homeopathic Education in San Diego, California. The latter program focused on the Sensation Method. In my practice, I see babies through older adults, for all kinds of health concerns, ranging from skin eruptions, asthma, women's issues, insomnia, sinus issues, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue and more. www.homeopathytoheal.com

2 thoughts on “When Someone Is Not Well After Having The Flu – Homeopthy Heals

  1. I too graduated from The School of Homeopathy in Devon (Misha Norland) in 1997. Although I have plenty of texts, I’ve not been able to find much assistance when seeking remedies to support patients with NBWS symptoms. I know it’s vital to address the person rather than the symptoms but I’ve not yet been successful in this case. Female contracted virus one year ago, although the only symptom was a headache (others who had this flu not only had a similar headache but had other typical symptoms of flu.). Post this she’s had serious, and continuing debilitating headaches and wakes into sinus congestion which tends to lift on rising. She notes that she feels the virus is ‘trapped’ in her head and notes also that the sinus congestion sensation is also one of feeling trapped. She’s an anxious person and very shy though this picture is not so obvious to others and she spends a good deal of time alone. In the past she’s seen a therapist for her anxiety. Recently she’s had cranial osteopathy and acupuncture as well as homeopathy to no avail. Typing this has been helpful as the remedy Silicea suddenly popped into my head based on the fact that it throws out ‘things’ that are lodged – trapped, so to speak. When I turned to Robin Murphy’s Homeopathic Remedy Guide, the first thing I noted was ‘Chronic, periodic headaches since some severe disease.’ Hmmmm! Your thoughts would be appreciated.

    • Hi Jeannette,
      Nice to meet another fellow student from The School of Homeopathy. And thanks for reading my blog.
      It always seems to help either to talk to somebody, talk aloud, and write it out. You wrote that writing this helped you in that Silicea popped into your mind. And then reading Robin Murphy’s GUide.
      I am wondering about the “trapped”. Does she experience that in other parts of her body or emotions? Did she use it often when she talks? Is there a hand gesture when she uses the word? IF so, I would ask her to talk more about ‘trapped”. Your thoughts. Pam

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