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The Homeopathic Remedy Cuprum Metallicum is Safe


I saw that there was a search by someone asking if Cuprum metallicum is safe.  Yes, the homeopathic remedy Cuprum metallicum is safe. All homeopathic remedies are safe.  What I am writing here applies to all homeopathic remedies.

That said, you still want to be respectful of homeopathic remedies. You take a homeopathic remedy when it is similar to what the person is experiencing. This is like cures like or the Law of Similars, the main principle of homeopathy. The homeopathic remedy is only homeopathic if it is similar to what the person is experiencing; it is not homeopathic if it is not similar. Homeopathy means similar (homo) suffering (pathy).  If you take the remedy, one or two doses, and it is not helpful for you, it won’t hurt you. You want to stop taking that remedy then.

Homeopathic remedies are made in homeopathic pharmacies. The substance that the homeopathic remedy is made from, in this case Cuprum metallicum, is grounded up and then mixed with an alcohol/water solution. (Other substances may start in a mother tincture form.) A small part of this alcohol/water solution is diluted more, and then succussed (shaken vigorously and hit against something hard. Hahnemann used a bible). This dilution and succussion process is done many, many times creating the strength or potency of the homeopathic remedy. At the 12c potency, and the higher potencies, there is nothing left of the physical substance of which the homeopathic remedy is made from, in this case Cuprum metallicum. It is the energetic pattern of the substance. This process is called potentization. This is the Minimum Dose that Dr. Samuel Hahnemann developed in the late 1790’s, another principle of homeopathy.

 Koper (Cuprum metallicum) - copper                               12 Cuprum

Copper                                                                                    A vial of Cuprum metallicum 12C

During Hahemann’s time, many of the medicinal substances used were poisons, actually it is still like that today. Hahnemann found that by making the dose as small as possible, as mentioned in the above paragraph, the medicinal substance was curative and healing; the patient lived and didn’t die from the treatment. The healing was gentle with no side affects or toxicity.

To answer the question again, the homeopathic remedy Cuprum metallicum, or any other other homeopathic remedy, is safe. You want to be respectful of the homeopathic remedies. Use them with good judgement. That is why it is good to see a professional homeopath.

Author: Pamela Hird Klein, PDHom(UK)

I am a classical homeopath. I attended The School of Homeopathy in Devon, England and the California Center for Homeopathic Education in San Diego, California. The latter program focused on the Sensation Method. In my practice, I see babies through older adults, for all kinds of health concerns, ranging from skin eruptions, asthma, women's issues, insomnia, sinus issues, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue and more. www.homeopathytoheal.com

9 thoughts on “The Homeopathic Remedy Cuprum Metallicum is Safe

  1. Hi, Pamela. I like your homeopathy blog. I shared the one on why homeopathy is needed with my Facebook friends — you said it very well. Warmly, Rosemary

  2. I suffer cramps in the back of my thighs, once to the point of passing out (guess I held my breath because of the pain in both thighs simultaniously), sometimes my inner thighs and in my feet. I also suffer spasm under my shoulder blade on the odd oaccasion. Actually I suffer the occasional spam in different areas of my body. I want to try cuprum metallicum, but am afraid.

    • Shelley,

      I would suggest if you are thinking of using homeopathy to help with your cramping sensations, that you see a homeopath. I wouldn’t self treat. By seeing a homeopath, the practitioner will give you the homeopathic remedy that is similar to you. There are a lot of remedies listed under cramping. Cuprum metallicum may not be the remedy that is similar to you.
      Why are you afraid?

  3. After seeing an EEG report, a neurologist made a remark that my son, aged 13+, has generalised siezer. The doctor also prescribed sodium valproate, whic has some side effects. However, a practitioner has prescribed cuprum matellicum for him. is it safe? Or there any suiatabe remedy. I’ll be really greatful if syou pls. Let me know… regards

    • Was the practitioner that prescribed cuprum metallicum a homeopath? Did they spend time to hear and observe how your son expriences the seizures and what bothers him? And then prescribe cuprum metalliucm as a homeoapthic remedy? If so, it probably is suitable for you son. I do not know your son’s case. Be in contact with the practitioner who has prescribed the cuprum metall. And answer my questions so I know more. Best wishes.

  4. I have spinal stenosis & Degenetive dics disease & fibro I want to know if Cuprum metallicum or Rhus toxicodendron can help with chronic pain!

    • Hi Holli,
      How did you come to these two remedies?
      The way pain is experienced is differently with each of these two remedies. And it would be to have a complete picture of the person, you, to select the homeopathic remedy that is similar. It may not be either of these two. I am sorry to hear that you experience chronic pain.

    • Hi Holli,
      How did you come to the homeopathic remedies Cuprum met. and Rhus tox.? The way each of these remedies experience pain is different. For anyone, it is finding out about how the person’s experiences what bothers them, and giving the homeopathic remedy that fits that. In terms of chronic pain, there may be other remedies than Cuprum met and Rhus tox that would fit. Sorry to hear that you experience chronic pain. Best wishes, Pam

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